Step to getting a new Sewerage Connection

  • Obtain a Bank Receipt from any branches of State Bank of Sikkim or Rs.25.00 at : 0215-02-103 as fees for application form.
  • Forms are available at the Sewerage Office located at Deorali School Road, Deorali, and at all Divisonal and Sub divisional Offices located at various places in the state.
  • Once you receive an ‘Intimation Letter’ signed by the D/E Sewerage, the connection fee must be paid within 30 days, after which it will become invalid.
  • The consumer will have to obtain approval from Roads & Bridges Department/ UD&HD/ GREF if a road needs to be cut to make the sewer connection.
  • The consumer is required to construct a sewer man hole with a silt catch pipe within his premises.
  • We will provide you with a connection within 7 days of your fulfilling all formalities subject to feasibility.