Obligations of Consumer

It is mandatory for all residents of Gangtok and its surrounding areas to connect their sewer to the nearest sewer mains. It is obligatory for all residential and commercial establishments which are at present discharging into open jhoras to be connected to the sewerage network. Failure to do so will invite legal action.

  • The consumer must pay the water and sewerage bills within 30 days of receipt of bill. This payment from citizen helps the Department to carry out satisfactory construction, operation and maintenance of the water supply system and the sewerage system efficiently. This is important for us in order to continue providing you with quality service.
  • The consumer should maintain the private works relating to supply of water or sewerage in a satisfactory manner including the repair of any leakages.

    The Department will issue a notice requiring the damage to be repaired satisfactorily and if not repaired within the time specified in the notice, the Department can:
    (1) Make good the damage and recover the cost from the consumer
    (2) Disconnect or restrict the water supply/sewerage services.

  • All users of the water supply system should optimize the amount of water they use, ensuring that their connection pipes do not leak, and that overhead water tanks have valves to prevent overflow.

    The consumers should be a partner in ensuring optimum and effective usage of valuable resources thus minimizing wastage.

  • All consumers must maintain their internal sewer lines and ensure that no rain water or storm water is allowed to enter the main system. Also, consumers should not allow such things as garbage, plastic bags, cinders, boulders and dead a blockage of the sewer line.

    This causes sewage overflows and spillage that can affect the health of the community and damage property.

  • It is expected that our customer shall educate all family members and guests not to throw domestic wastage in their toilets.
  • Customer should drain sullage or domestic wastewater into the sewer system to create a pollution free environment. But customer should not open sewer manhole covers to drain off rainwater or roof water into the sewer network.

    This will cause the sewer to overflow and operate unsatisfactory.

  • Customers who change their residence, like tenants, or those selling the property, must clear any arrears in payments, report the change to the Department before vacating the premises and obtain a written certificate indicating, ‘all payments have received,’ signed by the Divisional Engineer.
  • We expect our consumers as concerned citizens to inform us about any wastage /leakage/spillage.

    With your pro-active cooperation we can reduce wastage and repair damages promptly