This global pandemic has brought to fore India’s national character for the entire world to behold, as a resilient and united nation, PM Modi said.

New Delhi: COVID-19 brought to the fore our national character for the entire world to behold, said Prime Minister Narendra Modi.Across the world, people expressed wonder at the way in which Indians from all walks of life demonstrated ability “to be responsible, disciplined, focused, law-abiding, patient and composed during a crisis of unprecedented proportions”, the PM added.Writing for Manorama Yearbook, the PM further said that India not only stayed firm in the face of trying circumstances but also helped the world.

India emerged as a pharmacy to the world

India not only emerged as a pharmacy to the world by sending life-saving drugs and medicines but also ensured there was no shortage to our own people, he said.

Lauding COVID warriors for their grit and determination the PM said that they rose to the occasion and led the fight from the front once the deadly pandemic struck.

Highlighting India’s self-sufficiency in PPE manufacturing, the PM also thanked health care professionals and caregivers saying due to their efforts India maintained a high recovery rate and a low death-rate compared to advanced Western nations.

Amid raging pandemic, India had to face devastating cyclones and other hardships but the Centre, people across the nation and state governments came together to face them together, the PM wrote.

Centre, state govt came together to face hardships together 

Talking about India’s health care infrastructure the PM said that when systems were crumbling in many other countries, the government scaled India’s infrastructure scaled rapidly.

Heaping praises on India’s “unsung heroes” like security personnel to small neighbourhood vendors, the PM thanked them for keeping lives going even under difficult circumstances.

Saying that India is ready for an ambitious marathon on the road to development, the PM talked about the “trinity of reforms in the fields of education, agriculture and labour laws” and said that they will empower students, farmers and youth by giving them more choices to unlock their full potential.

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